10 Instagram Marketing Tools That Make Your Job Easier

Being a master at Instagram marketing can seem like an uphill battle. After all, with the massive amount of competition over follows, likes, and comments, being ahead of the curve is a must. In order to be ahead, you’ve got to have your bases covered, which is why we’re presenting a few of our favorite Instagram tools to make the job easier so you can focus on the more important aspects of content building.

Social Steeze

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram following, then Social Steeze is the perfect solution for you. As a solution to obtain real followers for Instagram, Social Steeze is a platform that enables you to bring on actual accounts that will genuinely engage with your business. We’ll note this is drastically different than simply buying followers, but having real people engaging with your account. Check Social Steeze out if you’re still trying to develop your social foundation for the long-haul.

Magic Social

A pretty difficult marketing technique to master is audience development for niche sectors, which is where companies like Magic Social work their wonders. As an Instagram service dedicated to helping you find the right audience for your brand, their platform is one of the most seamless out and works like a cinch. For example, if my brand is focused around fashion, then Magic Social can help me find more followers in the fashion community, particularly those who would be willing to engage with my brand. Especially for brands still struggling to find their niche on Instagram, Magic Social could be a savior for your business.

Automated Audience Tools

Instagram automation tools are services that automatically manage your followers. The goal is to hone in on developing the most engaging audience, giving you an account that other people will look at and feel is not only legitimate but has a healthy follower base too. Depending on your needs in regards to audience development, we suggest checking out a few different automation tools to help save a tremendous amount of time and money.


In tracking the performance of your Instagram, it can be difficult to run the numbers solely from the app, which is where services like Minter come into play. As an analytics platform, Minter can help you keep up with results to plan and improve upon your future posts, delivering more and more consistent results; and as noted by Inc, when brand consistently present themselves online, they see an average revenue increase of 23 percent, which is a huge boost to consider. The more you find yourself engaging on Instagram, the more likely utilizing something like Minter will be clutch to keep up with your results.

Google Analytics

For campaigns where you’re leading people from Instagram to your website (specifically, a product page, landing page, or campaign page), then learning how to use a service like Google Analytics is a must. According to MDG Advertising, approximately 73 percent of businesses say they regularly try to measure social media efforts, which when you look at what that means beyond your call-to-action, knowing how to link them to a certain page and the actions they take from there are important to study. The more data you’re able to collect on your success rate, the better, giving you the information necessary to make more calculated decisions.


Ever notice how when you go to a lot of big brand’s Instagram accounts, a lot of their posts have a certain consistency to them–almost as if you’re looking at a collection in a museum? Well, that’s very much intentional, as visual consistency is a crucial aspect for retaining an audience (in fact, as noted by Zimmer Communications, color increase brand recognition by 80 percent, which remains the same throughout multiple channels). To keep your brand’s imagery the same, we highly recommend using VSCO, which provides numerous filters and editing tools for you to use. With some of the best choices in terms of design, as well as usability, this is an excellent solution to keep the consistency up with your brand.

Meet Edgar

Although we often hear about the importance of reposting content, the actual practice of it is something most don’t always fall through on. As noted by Weidert, when content gets reposted, there’s a 208 percent increase in views, which can make a significant difference in obtaining more of an audience. And if reposting is something that you’re struggling with, then utilizing Meet Edgar can be a great solution as their goal is to help you recycle posts and content. Give them a shot if you’re still learning the ropes on reposts.


Instagram and Snapchat stories are practically the primary delivery method most brands are using to share content. As noted by Brandwatch, Instagram stories account from brands are on average, 36 percent product promotion, 22 percent “a look inside,” and 15 percent influencer takeovers. That’s a lot of variation for content, which is why using something like Storyheap can be a big help in keeping your stories organized, as well as in line with your tracking and analytical goals. If story posting is something you’re doing quite a bit, then this is an amazing solution for keeping things in line.


As we’ve all heard the expression “link in bio,” one company decided to expand on that common call-to-action by offering a single link that expands out on your offerings. Mirroring the exact layout of your Instagram profile, Linkin.bio enables you to create links for every post in a single dashboard, which can help tremendously when you’re trying to build social to product page pipelines. As noted by Upfluence, with 72 percent of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram, being able to have a direct line to buying is imperative, which is exactly why Linkin.bio is such an intuitive solution.

What are some Instagram marketing tools that have made your job easier? Comment with your insights below!

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