3 Questions to Consider Before Building an App for Your Business

If you have ever wondered, what goes in the mind of the app developers when they are building an app in an online database software, you might think that they must be thinking of what codes to apply etc. That’s where you are wrong. They think in more of the philosophical terms. This article is based on this very planning philosophy. They ask themselves three questions before they begin the app planning process. Here are the questions they consider.

  1. Why do you need to build the business app?

Many apps are developed in such a way that it manages orders, some to organize and manage the recruitment tests, some to book appointments and so on. But when seeking the root idea, every app roots for the same thing, they fix the resource allocation issue. The developers make sure that it is making sense. For instance, consider these following cases:

  • If it’s an event management app: a seat in an event
  • If it’s an appointment booking app: time slot for booking an appointment
  • If it’s an order management app: goods sold!
    1. Who is the app for?

Businesses are of two orientations: product based or service based. An app is always by the seller and for the buyer. For instance, a dental clinic is a service based business. They can also use an appointment booking application. In this instance, the dentist is deemed the seller and the patient is the buyer.

  1. What should the app do?

Every app has three basic functions. They are collect, connect, and optimize.

  1. Collect – The app has to gather and store distinguish information about the product or service as well as the customers. The parameters define what is selling and to whom.
  2. Connect – Before the app is deployed, the seller should set up relations between relevant qualities to eliminate the repetitive actions. A type of data to data relationship which is also people to data relationship.
  3. Optimize – It involves analysis and refinement is a requisite for data collection plan framing in the business.

So, the next time when you are thinking of creating an application, consider the what, who and why, and see how it applies to your scenario. If you begin by considering the resource allocation, your audience’s demands, and the information you wish to capture, you will thrive!

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