Add Colours to Your Floors

We often incorporate colours in our home through furniture and furnishings, wall paints and so on. One of the many tricks that good interior designers in Bangalore have up their sleeve is to add colours to the floors to inject eclecticism and to bring a positive vibe to the place.

The floor is a permanent fixture, so one must choose colours that they are comfortable with and should also complement their choice of interiors. Here are some ways that will help in introducing colour to your home.

Single colour

If you have an open floor concept and would like a uniform tone, then covering the entire floor will the solo, bright coloured tile, marble or wooden flooring. For example, a bright red marble will induce a striking impact and makes the place look vibrant and positive. The Jaisalmer stone is famous for its prominent yellow colour. Some of the other options are Udaipur green marble,Jodhpur pink marble, black granite, and the Himalayan blue granite.

Mix and match

Many good interior designers in Bangalore recommend the mix and match of floor tiles. Floor tiles come with a great many options and are also cost-effective. Create geometrical patterns or even a mural by shaping them in different sizes that will give the colour effect. In contrast, it can even be used to create a focal point for the room. Like placing a couch or a sofa with a coffee table in the middle of the tile to map out the room.

Patterned tiles

Athangudi tiles or cement tiles are a great fit when you want to install patterned flooring. They exude a rustic vibe combined with old-world charm. One of the best features of these tiles is that they are handmade and has artistic craftsmanship. They come in many patterns of geometry, earth tones and floral designs.Many are unaware that Athangudi tiles become more smooth,shiny and polished when in constant use.

Stencil Art

Using stencil art to create a fantastic floor effect is one of the tricks of many good home interior designers in Bangalore. The floor functions as a blank canvas waiting for the right artist. The correct combination of modular stencils and colours will work wonders on an unadorned floor. By using at least one-footwide stencil with patterns and colours of your choosing, will help in infusing an impressive look.

Caution! Using stencils to paint your floor is an arduous process as it requires patience and stresses the back, so appropriate care should be taken.

Graphic patterns

Graphic patterns are a favourite choice when it comes to most of the good interior designers in Bangalore as it allows them to use different coloured tiles to experiment. For example, a patch of Jaisalmer stone, along with black and white marble in the shape of a diamond will create a splash of colours and pattern. It will also break the monotony wheninstalling in the middle of a neutral tone floor; One can also use mosaic in round or hexagonal shapes to bring colour and pattern to theflooring.

If you are looking for some more options to bring colour to your floors, then we at Design Arc are at your service.

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