Apartment Gardening for Beginners

Urbanisation and the constant population rise have turned modern cities into a concrete jungle, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have your piece of greenery. Living in an apartment does not mean artificial plants. No matter the size of your apartment, you can grow your own choice of herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables.

If you are considering a beautiful garden to provide you with fresh supplies for your cooking, then these apartment interior design tips for a garden will give you a head-start.

#1 Access

Before embarking on the gardening process, it is important to access the area available for planting. Factors of sunlight, humidity, soil, water, wind and the weight of the containers play an essential part when starting to choose the kind of plants you need for an apartment garden.

Sunlight: The majority of the fruiting and vegetable plants need sun for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Even though it is difficult to get sunlight with buildings all around, it is better to keep near the window sills or on the balcony rails.

Water and humidity: when placing a plant in a container, it needs watering many times a day. By using drip irrigation or having a watering can nearby. Humidity is also a vital factor when there is too much heat so that you can spray a fine mist on the window.

Wind and Weight: As saplings are plants that are struggling to the hold to the roots, it critical that they are not exposed to heavy winds as it can pull the plant apart. At the same time, the containers should be able to handle the weight of wet soil and the plant. So, it is better to secure them to the window sill or place them down.

# 2 Plants

When it comes choosing plants, select those vegetations that take up less space but give a huge bounty. Some plants offer faster growth like herbs, tomato, chili, and salad greens.

Herbs grow very well in a pot but they require constant attention, and you will have access to fresh herbs. Most experts recommend them when it comes apartment interior design. Tomatoes and chili are also a good option as they grow well in pots.

#3 Caring

When you are learning the basics of gardening, special attention should be paid to care of plants as that sustains them for a more extended period and on how to integrate them with your apartment interior design. By following proper watering methods and checking the soil by poking your finger underneath can let you help in deciding the water breaks. Adding fertilizers now and then to keep the soil healthy is the next step.

# Final touch

Experts stress on constant pest monitoring for when it comes to apartment gardening for beginner’s basics. It is good to harvest your vegetables or herbs regularly as it will give a bountiful harvest. Most people miss this step as they want to see their plants full of produce. The more you harvest, the more fruit or vegetable will set.

Apartments may not offer much space to have a full-fledged garden, but it does have balconies and window sills that can help you set up a garden in full bloom.

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