Are Free Website Builders Really Worth Considering? Check These Pointers!

If you are a small business owner, it’s likely that you don’t want to spend huge on your first website. Hiring a website designer and creating your website might seem like the ideal thing to do, but professionals often charge a lot more than expected. That’s exactly where a free website builder may come in handy. As the name indicates, a free website builder helps in creating a website or blog for free. You get a set of tools that are meant to make the process simple, and you don’t have to know a thing about coding. This brings us to an important question – Are free website builders really worth your time? We take a look at the basics.

The concept of ‘free’

To be fair, free website builders are free, as long as you stick to the basic templates and don’t expect more than the basic features. Before you ask, companies running these free website builders do make money, often through ads and paid features. In all likeliness, you will need more than a basic template, and that’s when these companies make money. While everything might not be free, but you will still save considerably, considering what will be otherwise paid to a website builder.

How to choose one?

Finding the best free website builder can be confusing, given that each one promises to offer a bunch of features. The best thing you can do is check some of the review sites, which have compared these options side by side based on what they have on offer. In terms of things to look for, the first thing to check is the kind of tools and interface it offers. Some are drag & drop website builders, which allow the user to drop various elements right into the web page, while some are better for ecommerce sites. It also makes sense to pay a tad more, just in case you find some of the features would be more useful for adding functionality to your site.

While critics don’t really have good things to say about website builders, these are actually pretty easy to use and have a bunch of advantages, especially for smaller businesses and bloggers. Do your homework and take a call based on the features, support and technical assistance that the company offers. Creating your website without any knowledge of coding or designing doesn’t get easier and better than this.

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