Choosing wedding dress is not a matter time: needs time and perfections

Each bride has a choice – which beach wedding dresses to choose in order to become the most unique on this unforgettable day for her. Now the market for wedding fashion presents a variety of dresses and price categories. You can choose a market, a bridal salon or a boutique – it all depends on your financial capabilities. When buying a dress in each of these places, you should understand that the choice involves both financial costs and temporary.

What to do next?

If you visit the JJ’s House and have already decided on the style of the wedding dress, print out the wedding dresses and bring them to the salon. Of course, sales consultants usually keep catalogs of dresses, but not all models of wedding dresses are represented there. If your dress is not in the salon, consultants will help you choose a similar dress.Do not stop at the models seen on the Internet. What looks good on the “cover girl” may not fit you at all because of the physical structure.

Take your mother, girlfriend, groom, relative or just a friend to the fitting. It all depends on your capabilities. Many brides prefer to travel in salons with the grooms. This will allow the future husband not only to enjoy the active role in preparing for the wedding, but also to see his bride in the mass of beautiful clothes. If you are superstitious, then take a mom or a relative, or an unwitting girlfriend.


Take a camera for a fitting, or at least a camera phone, especially if you measure a lot of dresses. This will allow you to compare your appearance with the previous model and choose the right accessories.Try to bring wedding shoes for a fitting if they have already been bought. Or take along shoes with the same heel that you plan to buy. The cabin provides fitting room shoes, but it is better if you focus on your own foot.

Try to sit or walk in a wedding dress, raise your hands, try to move in front of the mirror. See whether it will be comfortable for you in a dress, whether it will hamper your movements and cause discomfort during the wedding.

Last but not the least

When fitting the dress, be guided by its style when choosing a petticoat or petticoat. Petticoats can be on hard or soft rings, with several or one ring, with several or one tier of frills. Petticoats will give the dress certain shape, and are necessary if you choose a dress with a cut that fixes the top skirt. Choosing wedding accessories such as veils, flowers, wreaths, tiaras, purses, gloves, pay attention to their compatibility.

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