Designing a Balcony

If you are leaving in a big house and fortune to access a balcony or a flat portion of the roof, if you have potential to create some beautiful place then you have a chance to develop a balcony “a Garden in the sky”. A garden in the sky is another name of the Balcony. The balcony is that area of the home where winds blow and the sun rays also comes with efficiently so it must be very beautiful, one can high level of relaxation when sits there. However, with careful planning and planting, you can make it more beautiful and charming. The building material to construct the balcony must be high quality and you should give some instructions to the contractor to construct the balcony that there is no leakage of the water from any part at the time of the construction because once water mix with the material the foundation of the building may be weak and it cause to bring destruction in future. The only way to avoid that problem is waterproofing after the construction of the building. To increase the beauty of home Balcony waterproofing is so essential element because it also provide the strength to the building of the balcony. When the building remains exposed after the construction then it will also becomes burden on your salary because you have to consume lots of money at every year for building repair and restoration because if you do not apply waterproofing works the rain and other things like dust and temperature can badly affect the building the raindrops may bring cracks and sewage of the water.

Waterproofing in Balcony

Some peoples apply tiles on the wall of the balcony through this process they think that this is enough for the strength but they wrong because the tiles do not provide any strength to the walls. When rains the raindrops stuck into the joints of the tiles and it produced some cracks there which are very dangerous and can cause to weaken the strength of the building. So waterproofing works are the best option to avoid that problem. There are lots of waterproofing selection available in the market and two of the most famous is used nowadays that are liquid coating system and membrane-based system. The membrane based system is more durable because it has a long life its position becomes strong throughout the years. There are lots of problem in liquid coating system like when cracks produced, its expand and contract, then this types of the problem solved with the help of the membrane-based system. A thin layer is also coated in a membrane-based system which is very useful to maintain the internal and external temperature because this layer has the capacity to reflect the dangerous ultraviolet and sunrays. When you construct the balcony the first priority must be given to waterproofing.


The balcony is the most beautiful area of the home. When you are taking steps to improve the beauty of the balcony then you must give first priority to the waterproofing because balcony waterproofing gives you protection from many dangerous things.

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