Designing a Minimal Kitchen

There is a popular misconception around where people believe that a minimal kitchen is equivalent to space where no food is ever cooked. The very definition of a well-stocked kitchen is taken to mean that there are vessels, food and cutlery hanging from every nook and orifice of the space.

The kitchen is the most functional space in a house. Some would say that it is the heart and soul of the home. There are no rules in place that says that the most functional space in the house should be cluttered with items and with the world going minimal it is important that the same sense of aesthetics be applied here too. Here are a few ideas from interior designers to design a minimal kitchen.

Understanding minimalism from a kitchen’s point of view

For many years, minimalism has been associated with spaces that are stark, clinical and spartan while, it’s all about simplifying. The underlying philosophy of minimalism is about keeping the space clean and storing the unwanted, unused items in cabinets that are out of the way and yet easily accessible.

Countertop gadgets

We use different types of gadgets, daily to help with our kitchen chores. That said, we may not use them every single day. The grinder is probably used twice a month while a toaster might be used every day. A coffeemaker might be used probably twice a day. Daily appliances can be found a place in the countertop while the rest can be kept at hand inside dry cabinets until you find a use for them. This will reduce a huge number of clutters and free up enough and more space for you in the kitchen.

Importance of Pantry

Pantry corner, nooks or even cupboards can help to keep the kitchen minimal and clean. This is where food materials that cannot perish, excess cutlery and grocery items can be stored. In today’s apartments, where pantry rooms are not possible; interior designers employ creative furniture and organizers to help keep the kitchen well-stocked and yet achieve its minimal look.

Custom-made Creativity

A minimal kitchen must be well-designed with cupboards to hold all the necessary items for it to be functional. Custom-made cabinetry to hold cutlery, pantry room and exclusive kitchen islands, nooks for breakfast with nary a thing out of place is not a space that can be created without creativity or ingenuity.

Nooks and Spaces

Most interior designers in Bangalore make the most of the wall space to store stuff. From appliances to cutlery to herb pots everything and anything can be stored in wall cabinets. This leaves the breakfast nook with space for a couple of stools and a countertop to grab a quick bite of sandwich or French toast. If space permits, the kitchen can also encompass a small dining space for four to have intimate dinner parties complete with a bouquet of flowers as a centrepiece and a charming pendant lights to set the mood.

Minimal space doesn’t mean that you live without any stuff like a hermit. In interior design parlance, it is finding a space for your stuff without cluttering. Designing a minimal space especially in a functional room like the kitchen requires a lot of creative thinking and ingenuity. That’s why you need top home interior designers in Bangalore like Design Arc Interiors to helm the project so as to create a space that you would be proud to show off.

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