Do You Want To Cycle, Hike Or Trek Around Kerala?

It really feels amazing when you are in God’s Own Country. Yes, we are talking about Kerala, India. Kerala is a state in South India which is the home to the beautiful mountain range, the Western Ghats. The whole state is covered with greenery, mountains and beautiful backwaters. Also, there are various places to visit in Kerala like the Bekal Fort, Munnar, Alleppey, Kollam, and many other beautiful places. The Kerala Bicycle Trips are a wonderful option for you if you really want to absorb the beauty of the place. They organize these fun bicycle trips throughout the state and take you on various fun loving and exciting trips. Also, when you go on a bicycle trip, you will get to know more about the place and you can study the culture over there too.

Therefore, choose The Kerala Bicycle Trips to immensely enjoy your holiday and vacation.

Interested to know more? Well, here are the details.

These people who take tourists for trips are local guides. They know each and every place so well that you would simply love the way the whole trip is shaping up. You can choose various holiday bicycle packs. It’s more fun when you are traveling on a bicycle and watching those beautiful backwaters at sunset. Again, you have two categories of the cycle tours, you have self-guided tours and the guided tours. The Kerala Bicycle Trips arrange everything for the stipulated duration of the vacation. Bottled water access, SUV car support, various fun activities, Food and stay and also airport pickup and drop.

You can contact them to know more about their packages and the amenities they offer. Here are the main reasons why you should choose them over your regular and clichéd Kerala Holiday:

  • This company works on quirky and fun themes.
  • A promising soulful adventure in the God’s Own Country
  • They make sure you relax and completely relieved of stress before you are back to the grind.
  • You have expert local guides always with you who will tell you stories and folklores like never before.
  • Great value for the money. Yes, it is completely worth it.
  • Not only Kerala, but you can also take trips under them to various destinations. You can go to Goa, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

The best part about this, they do run exclusive deals and discounts so that the customers can get a steal deal. Also, since it is Kerala, you can also choose for a kayaking tour. You can smoothly kayak in the backwaters and enjoy the endless beauty of nature. Float along the wonderful waters to see every beautiful village and paddy fields. You can also choose from the multi tours like cycling, kayaking, hiking & trekking. You will really enjoy all the pre-planned activities over there. Believe it or not, the complete contrast from the concrete jungle, this place is the real deal and cycling through these roads is indescribable. The Kerala Bicycle Trips surely know how to make your vacation a successful and memorable one.

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