Elements of a Sophisticated Bedroom Interior Design

When it comes to bedroom interior design, we all want a touch of elegance and sophistication for that luxurious feel. Designing a luxurious bedroom is not an impossible feat albeit a very effortlessprocess if you follow these simple tips. Some of the best interior designers use these tricks to create a bespoke bedroom.


Most bedroom interior design ideas implement a theme that will help in picking out the bedding,curtains, furniture and fittings needed. Some of the essential furniture for a sophisticated bedroom is bedside tables with or without drawers, full-length or bigger mirrors with rustic frames, a bedroom bench and some beautiful lighting options. A statement or accent wall is also a great way to channelise the theme’s aura in the bedroom.

Focal point

Creating a focal point is the starting step in home interior design. Many interior designers recommend creative lighting solutionsto accentuate the look of the room. Pendant lights or beautiful chandeliers in lantern styles or dome shapes can create a gorgeous effect or a calming atmosphere. Hang the light directly over the edge of the bed for a candescent finish. If you like bedside lights, pendant lights are a good option and they give fluidity to the design.

Valances and curtains

One of the quickest ways of designing a sophisticated bedroom is curtains and valances. Bedroom interior design ideas always recommend that the curtains should be hung from the wall to the floor, instead of only till the window level. Valances are decorative drapes that are attached above window sills to mask curtains fittings.

These valances can also be used above your bed’s headboard for a royal effect. Valances always look better when they are layered. If you have a poster bed, hang the valance directly above the headboard in a crown or circular type fitting. Secure the hanging portion by tying them to the posts which will also spread the valance.


Headboards can also be used to create a focal point in the bedroom. Many home interior design ideas use floating, wooden or patterned headboards to add grandeur to the design. Floating headboards are a few inches above the floor and have the dual functionality of being wall décor. A cushioned headboard in a rectangle or straight line shape will provide a backrest for those late-nights of reading or working. If you are going for a classical theme, then the wooden headboard is a perfect fit. They exude a sense of royalty and yesteryear.


If you are going for an all-white theme, then add some pops of colour through vibrant cushions, throwpillows or bedding. Colour can be added even through furniture like chairs, tables or vase of the plant will do the trick.If you have a large bedroom, install a carpet and place comfortableseating options with the oval table in between them for a perfect reading or relaxing nook.

These ideas will help in designing a sophisticated bedroom with minimal effort. If you want to know some more bedroom interior design ideas, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

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