Four Tips on Getting your Wedding Guests Seated

So you have decided to get married in Las Vegas. No matter how many guests you are expecting at your wedding, it’s important to ensure each of them are well-seated in the venue.  Assigning a specific seating for each guest is one way to show your appreciation to them for sharing that special moment with you. Also, this approach allows caterers to easily determine beforehand the number of specific dishes a given table gets since they know who is sitting there.

Here are some tips to help you ensure everyone gets seated properly:

Get the Seating Chart Done Early

Start your seating chart early instead of the night before the big day. You have more important things to pay attention to at that point. While you can always make last-minute changes, you should try to get the chart mostly done at least one week before the wedding day.

Categorize your Guests

Think about categorizing the people in your guest list by relationship. You should come up with groups for your friends, family, partner’s family, partner’s friends, your family’s friends, your partner’s family friends, and others. This allows you to sort the list and logically arrange everyone in their respective tables.

Be on Display on Don’t

Traditionally, the married couple stays in a long, straight head table set up facing everyone’s tables. Often, the newlyweds, together with their maid of honor and best man sit in the middle where everyone can see them. While you can have this table arrangement, you can choose not be on display. Think about having the wedding guests sit at one or two round tables and have a table for you and your spouse. Also, you can two can sit with your parents and with the rest at their own tables.

Let your Parents Host their Own Table of Friends or Family

This can work if your parents or your partner’s are divorced. They may not feel comfortable sitting next to each other if you go for the traditional arrangement where parents from both sides sit at the same table. Depending on the situation, you might need up to four tables for each of your parents. But, you can also have the divorced parent who raised or your spouse and their own dates sit at the table with still-married parents. Just set up your parents’ seating in whatever way best suits everyone. If you are not sure, talk to the parents in question about it before you decide.

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