Heating System Maintenance

Winter is coming! With climate change, experts are continually warning about irregular weather patterns. The next winter might be colder or warmer than the last. Heating systems are an invaluable asset during winter as home owners rely on them regardless of the harshness of the weather.

As a home owner, you must ensure that that your heating systems are in optimal condition to provide you comfort throughout the winter. The best way of guaranteeing efficiency, optimal performance, and reliability of your heating and air conditioning systems is to conduct preventative maintenance annually. The best time for you to schedule preventative maintenance is during the fall prior to turning on heating systems.

There are many benefits to performing annual preventative maintenance:

  1. It saves energy.

If you neglect your heating system, it will gather dirt and it will work harder to maintain the optimum temperature in your home. There are a number of checks performed by a qualified technician including:

  • Visual inspection of ductwork
  • Airflow testing
  • Moving parts lubrication
  • Loose connection tightening
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Control system testing
  • Air filter changing or cleaning, and more.

Performing each of these tasks will ensure that your heating system is working efficiently and will reduce the energy consumed, which will be reflected in your monthly utility bill.

  1. It enhances air quality

Conditioned air moving through the ductwork in your house carries particulate matter that was not filtered due to clogging of filters and dirt in the system’s components. This loose matter may contain:

  • Mildew,
  • Mold,
  • Dander from your pet,
  • Dust,
  • Pollen, and

The particulate matter can cause discomfort in your respiratory systems and may exacerbate asthma or other allergic reactions. It is, therefore, important that the malfunctioning components in your air conditioning and heating systems well maintained to improve air flow and air quality to enhance comfort in your home.

  1. It extends the lifespan of your equipment and lowers costs of repair.

When your heating systems are well maintained, their moving parts are unimpeded and ensure that clean air flows throughout your home. Systems that are in good repair, well lubricated and clean experience less stress and last longer, guaranteeing many years of optimal performance.

Preventative maintenance of your HVAC systems helps in detecting and rectifying minor issues before they become intensify and increase repair costs.

  1. It improves safety and reliability.

Your venting system is responsible for evacuating carbon monoxide that is produced by your burning appliances. A system that is not well maintained increases the risk of carbon monoxide build-up, which is a deadly and odourless gas.

You should take the time to conduct scheduled preventive maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems. This will guarantee that you do not experience any problems in the winter, including costly breakdowns midseason.

If your heating system is regularly maintained through regular tuning, inspection, and cleaning by a professional technician but continually breaks down, then it is time to consider new furnace installation. Love and Care HVAC will perform all your maintenance work and installation of heating systems if you live in the greater Sacramento area.

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