High Quality Items for the Baby Products

Diapers, wipes, creams, the profusion of baby hygiene products can sometimes destabilize parents. To see more clearly, 60 million consumers conducted a test on 155 references to identify the safest products.This list, which allows sorting, does not dispense good reflexes to have when shopping. 60 million consumers are giving advice on choosing the right products.

Limit the number of hygiene products

This is the average number of hygiene products applied to the skin of children under three, according to recent studies relayed by 60 million consumers.

However, only two products are enough to ensure the hygiene of babies: a layer without perfume or lotion – and a washing product. Exit creams, milks and other eaux de toilette. Babies only need the bare necessities!

The more the products are multiplied, the greater the risk that the child will be exposed to problematic substances. Before opting for new products, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor. Visit littlecanadian.ca for the best result now.

Avoid scented products

  • Diapers, lotions, wipes
  • Many baby hygiene products are embellished with perfume. Problem: they increase the risk of allergies
  • To avoid perfumes, two solutions: read the labels and consult The Guide to safe products made by 60 million consumers, which indicates the presence of perfume in 155 references of baby hygiene products

Focus on products with few ingredients

  • It is sometimes difficult to decipher the labels of hygiene products. If it is known that the presence of residues of glyphosate, organochlorine pesticides, dioxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), adsorbable organic halogen compounds (AOX) or allergens is problematic, this jargon is not always intelligible.
  • The easiest way to avoid exposing baby to potentially toxic substances? Opt for products that display the shortest ingredient lists!
  • This tip helps to limit the risk of encountering problematic ingredients and to recognize at a glance the safest products.

Do not trust the image of the brand

The quality of a product is not guaranteed by the reputation of the brand that manufactures it. Proof of this is that 60 million consumers say that Lotus is one of the worst students in diapers.

But that’s not all:

  • Nivea and its Toodie wipes are also among the less recommendable, as is the cream for the exchange Mixa double action.
  • Brands that are nevertheless among the best known in terms of baby hygiene products.
  • The moment of change.
  • A task that keeps coming back, especially with a newborn baby.

A repetitive task, certainly, but it is important to take special care, on pain of seeing the buttocks of his cherub irritated. What good gestures to adopt to preserve baby? In cases of diaper rash, what care to stop inflammation as soon as possible? Our expert Sylvie Roy, doctor of pharmacy, takes stock.

Seat cleaning: options

From the most basic to the most expensive, what you need to know to choose your method:

  • Water and soap, with a dermatological quality hypoallergenic soap or simple Marseille soap.
  • Use a washcloth that you wash frequently, or your hands if the skin is infected with a fungus. Dry by tapping with a towel. Avoid rubbing so as not to irritate the skin.
  • The oleo-limestone liniment (mixture of lime water and olive oil) that can be bought in a pharmacy or is made at home.

The fat dissolves stains left by stool, lime water rebalances the skin pH, correcting the acidity of urine and stool. It’s quite effective in preventing seat irritation. It is a bit expensive and not reimbursed by Social Security.

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