How to clean your air conditioner fast

In the warm summer months, an air conditioner can come in handy to create a cool environment for a home. However, without proper regular air conditioner cleaning and maintenance, it can in turn be more of a nuisance rather than an asset. A faulty air conditioning system can contribute to spreading more dust and bacteria, and not serve its purpose in creating a healthy and cool environment for the home.

The air conditioning inside out

For an optimal indoor temperature in the home, most people opt for so-called split air conditioners. These are systems with an indoor unit to facilitate air cooling and an outdoor unit to transfer heat out of the room. The indoor and outdoor units are connected to each other by means of cooling pipes. This form of air conditioning is mainly chosen to cool one room quickly and effectively. The split air conditioners exist in different variants, a wall model, a ceiling model or a floor model.

Clean the indoor unit of the air conditioning unit

Not all air conditioners are the same, so cleaning them also differs per device. It is a big job and also important that it is done accurately, so most people choose to have this done by a professional. However, for the rest of the parts you can actually do it yourself if you are confident that you have the right skill sets.

Cleaning the outdoor unit is less work than cleaning the inside parts. Climb on the roof or to the other place where the air conditioning is installed. Remove loose dirt or other dirt so that the air can be blown away freely. Detach the casing and clean it with a degreasing detergent. Dust the rest of the unit with a dustpan and the box can wrap around it again.

Enclosure – Loosen and clean well with a degreasing detergent.

Filters – Pick up the paint and wipe it well with a dustpan and wipe it out until all the dust has disappeared.

Float box – Loosen and remove the accumulated dirt with a bactericidal and degreasing detergent.

Evaporator – Blow with a steam cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and kill bacteria.

Electrostatic filter – It cleans in the same way as the evaporator. With a steam cleaner all bacteria are killed and the holes of the filter are released.

Note: not all air conditioners are the same and not the same parts can be disconnected or cleaned. The description above applies particularly to the newer models.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of an air conditioner will ensure that your unit will last for a longer period of time and will be performing efficiently.

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