How to Create a Creative Space for Kids

Are you tired of your kids making a mess around the entire house? Wish you had one place where they could stay and play all day long?

In this article, we’ll share ideas for creating an ingenious play area for your little ones so they can make the most of their playtime – without disturbing parents!

Take a look at our design ideas and create a space your kids will love. 

Garden Room 

If there is anything better than letting your kids play outside on a sunny, summer day?

Unfortunately, although playing outdoors during the summer period can keep the insides of your house tidy, playing outside is far trickier during the cold and wet winter months.

But there is an answer to this. If you happen to have some extra space in your garden, you could look into buying a garden room. This kind of outdoor building is  easy to install and usually requires no planning permission.

Adding a decking area or patio in front of the garden room can also clearly show the change from ‘garden space’ to ‘indoor room’.

As the rooms themselves are usually reasonably-sized, you can create a space that would suit both younger and older children. For example, if your child has just started practising playing on a new instrument (flute, anyone?), you might consider fitting out the garden room as though it were a temporary “music studio” so your child has a dedicated space to nurture their skills – and without disturbing the rest of the household.   

Organise a corner space 

If you don’t have the luxury of dedicating at least one room solely to fit your kids’ needs, you might consider setting up a corner space for them that is used only to store their belongings.

For example, a foldable tent for kids such as a Teepee makes the perfect ‘hideaway’ space for imaginations to run wild in, and it can also be used outside during the summer months.

Additionally, you could adorn the tent with battery-powered fairy lights (as well as your kid’s favourite toys), which makes the tent a more magical place for your kids to be in, as well as it being a pretty décor item in general. 

Power up your kids’ creativity

If your kids are already expressing an interest in art and design, don’t risk them making a mess on your walls – cover part of a wall with durable, matt black chalkboard paint instead.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the designs you can create on your chalkboard; you can use it to write notes and reminders for the household, but it can also be a place for your child to draw on – bringing out their inner Picasso! It’s up to you how you want to use it, and how you want to present it.

But, if you think that a black wall is too much, you can always go for a bright colour such as Rust-Oleum blue matt chalkboard paint – or opt for wall stickers or ready-to-hang magnetic boards instead.

 Be clever about furniture and accessories 

Many parents are faced with the problem of furnishing fairly small bedrooms for their children. This often means that the kid’s playing space ends up being quite limited, which could be a problem in the long run, if the family grows larger!

You should remember that kids’ rooms need lots of storage solutions, and they all need to be easily accessible. For small children especially, bedroom storage furniture needs to be ‘mini-sized’ so they can reach their favourite books and toys easily.

For example, having a play mat is a great thing if you want to improve your kid’s playtime as well as get additional storage for all their toys. With a large variety of portable, storage-and-play mats being available to buy already, those little rugs featuring streets and racing tracks can be used for both get your kids engaged, as well as for storing their toys after play.

As they get older, children will have different needs and will possibly want their bedroom storage to be more stylish. They’ll have friends visiting and staying over, their homework needs doing somewhere, and then there’s all the clutter that might appear!

There are some fantastic modular storage systems on the market, such as box-shelf storage and general items of furniture which contain some storage.

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