“Lone Worker Device” and How “Silent Beacon” is good for people who work by themselves

Around 47% of Americans claim to feel lonely, which often results in mental stress and emotional issues. The major cause behind the problem is sleep deprivation, as researched by the researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.

However, this is not only a social challenge but a professional challenge as well. Professionals are bound to work at a particular place for a certain amount of time on daily basis, but the challenges arise when they work alone. People who work alone not only face mental and emotional issues, but also security challenges.

Lone Workers:

Lone workers are mostly vulnerable in emergency situations and fail to report or get rescued timely. After all, the typical process can’t be done at one touch.

If you are a lone worker, you should feel relieved as the world has entered a new era of technology which ensures your security anytime, anywhere, instantly!

First, visit your phone’s app store and search for Silent Beacon and then touch the download button to get in installed on your device. Now, let us find out how does it protects you while you are at workplace. We will also discuss its top features which make it the best security app for lone workers.

Silent Beacon:

After more than two years of work and efforts, while having more than 40 people in team, the app has succeeded at ensuring that your sent messages are seamlessly delivered to the recipients.

Silent Beacon assures that its customers are getting instant help whenever and wherever needed, no matter what the situation or circumstances are. The app is coupled with a real-time tracking component which helps track the user in less than 5 seconds. Not only will the user get benefits, but the user’s loved ones, family, friends and colleagues find the peace of mind!

Features of Silent Beacon:

There are a number of features which make Silent Beacon a top lone worker safety app.

Below is the list of its best features and components that focus on your security and keeping you safe: 

  • What makes Silent Beacon different than the rest of the applications is the fact that it directly 911 while other apps waste your time by first connecting you to the operators/call centers who then route the call
  • It is a device-friendly app. You can use Silent Beacon on all of your smart phones and tablets without any trouble.
  • You can add emergency contacts in just no time by following really simple steps. You can also add up to 7 emergency contacts to your list. Not only this, but you can also program 911 and various other emergency numbers.
  • Silent Beacon allows you to make a call or send a text with a single tap only to get you rescued instantly.
  • Users can send a mass text message to all of the emergency contacts on the list.
  • Silent Beacon has the facility of sending an email also, in order to ensure your comfort when you may be in a challenging situation.
  • Silent Beacon also lets you share your exact location to emergency contacts which may help you get traced instantly. It also has a GPS enabled locator and works in real-time as you’re on the move. In case you find yourself lost somewhere, the apps’ “Directions” feature will lead you to the right way.
  • Silent Beacon’s Nudge features lets your loved ones know that where you are or what are you up to, as the app promises peace of mind for your family and friends.
  • Silent Beacon provides you with all these features without putting any burden on your budget

Without a further delay we suggest you to get the App and ensure that you are safe and sound everywhere every time!

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