Make Perfect Homemade Coffee Machine Coffee with these 7 Tips!

I’m not scared of a lot of things. Okay, that is a bit of a lie… There are a lot of things that scare me but one thing which stopped me in my tracks was the amount of money I spent each year on coffees before work. That seeming minuscule cost of $4 a day has creeped its way up, accumulating to almost $1500 in one year, After realising that money could be spent on other useless things, I looked at ways of trying to save money without sacrificing my energy boost I embarrassingly have become reliant on. Fed up with instant coffee sachets, I invested in a proper coffee machine which I had hoped would give me the best coffee every-time. While it was exceptional, it could be enhanced further will a few extra hints and tips. Domayne Australia stock a huge range of Coffee Machines from DeLonghi, Breville, Nespresso and more.

  • Quality Grind

While it may seem preferable to reach for the pre-ground coffee, you are making a huge mistake! By purchasing beans and grinding them yourself, you can savour the aromas and flavours that are often lost in pre-ground coffee.

  • Protect the Beans

As silly as it may sound, keep your beans protected. As tempting as it is to open the bag to smell, every time oxygen meets your beans and you start to lose its flavour and aromas. Keep your beans in a cool air tight spot for the best coffee.

  • Right Grind, Right Time

As mentioned before, pre-ground beans is commonly known to lose a lot of flavour. That’s why the experts in the field suggest grinding your beans no more than thirty minutes before you plan on making your blend. Machines such as the Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine has an inbuilt burr grinder that boasts over 30 settings, complete with a 58mm group head. This system employs Temp IQ Shot Control to maintain a constant temperature to create an incredible smooth taste.

  • The Perfect Temperature 

Depending on the type of coffee you’re after, a good rule of thumb is to heat the water to just below boiling point for the optimal flavour texture in your coffee.

  • It’s in the water.

Tap water can occasionally carry an odd taste with it which can easily Taint your coffee. By using either filtered or bottled water, you can rest easy knowing your coffee is maintaining purity and will give you the best flavour.

  • Adding Milk

For those who enjoy a splash of milk in their coffee’s it is important to note that the temperature of the milk will have an impact on flavour. By adding hot milk, you run the risk of spoiling the taste of your coffee. Gently warming it to the coffee will bring out a much smoother taste and texture. The Breville Nespresso Coffee Machine ‘Creatista’, for example makes amazing coffee for a fraction of the price of other coffee machines in the same ‘class’. Not only does it feature programmable cup sizes but it also offers 3 milk temperature levels so that you can trust in your machine to deliver on the perfect blend.

  • Timing

While it may not seem like a big deal, allowing your coffee to sit will allow for a deeper flavour depending on your type of brew. Many suggest that after you allow your coffee to sit for a number of minutes before adding the last half of the water; will in fact bring out a richer flavour for your blend.

While purchasing a coffee machine did put me back in my budget a little bit, I knew that in the long term I would be saving myself a stack of money. Not only can I save time and money on my way to work now, but coffee brewing has become somewhat of an art to me that I take pride in. It is too easy now to impress friends with my incredible brew and its satisfying knowing that the little tips and tricks that I pick up will only help to enhance the experience even more. Make the perfect homemade coffee machine coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen today thanks to Domayne Australia.

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