O1 Visa

Many people say that it is as difficult to draw H1B (also known as h1b 抽签) as a lottery ticket. In 2019, H1B will experience H1B reform (also known as h1b改革), the H1B denied rate will increase, H1B extension (h1b 延期) may be even harder to apply, so it is better to consult immigration lawyer 移民律师 before you apply. Even your H1B application is failed (h1b被拒), there are still several other options to stay in U.S. But the good news is that if you have outstanding talents and outstanding achievements in science, art, education, business, sports, film and television, you can also apply for this mysterious O1 visa (also known as o1签证) to work in the United States! Today, we will talk to you about the O1 outstanding talent visa application.

What is the O1 visa?

Distinguished Talent Visa: A non-immigrant visa that holders typically have an extraordinary ability in science, art, education, business, sports, and film and television. As with the H-1B visa, the O-1 visa must also be submitted by the employer.

The benefits of an O-1 visa compared to an H-1B visa (h1b签证) are:

1) There are no salary standards and academic requirements;

2) There is no limit to the number of places;

3) The occupational field involved is broader;

4) The requirements for employers are relatively loose;

5) can be extended indefinitely;

6) The application fee is lower.

Classification of O1 visas O1 visas are divided into O1A and O1B: The O1A visa is for individuals with outstanding abilities in science, education, business or athletics; The O1B visa is for individuals who have outstanding abilities in the arts, film and television industries.  Visa that can be applied for by O1 visa holders O2 Visa: Entries and assistants of O1 visa holders can apply. O3 Visa: The spouse of the O1/O2 visa holder and the child under the age of 21 can apply.Basic conditions for O1 visa application To put it simply, it is to prove that you are an outstanding person in your field. The supporting materials that can be selected are: 1) Received an international award; 2) Published famous works; 3) Have been reported by your famous media for your outstanding achievements; 4) Published articles in important journals or media 5) Performed in famous performances 6) Recognized by top experts in the field

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