Selling Bath Bombs during the Holidays

Beauty products like fizzy bombs and scented candles are ideal gifts during the holidays. Wholesale bath bombs are perfect for employers looking to give away some items for their staff. If you make bath bombs, you would want to take advantage of the opportunities the holidays bring to you. You want to cater to the demands and ensure your products reach your recipients intact.

How to Ensure your Bath Bombs Arrive Undamaged

As a bath bomb maker, you should keep in mind that your customers are not just your neighbors and friends. The holiday is a big celebration and people across the world celebrate it. To reach as many customers as you can, try to sell your bath bombs online. Provide discounts to customers who are ordering in bulk. But, ensure you have quality bath bomb boxes ready for shipping your products. Shipping delicate products like bath bombs can be nerve-wracking so you want to make it right. Your customers will be disappointed when your bath bombs arrive in poor shape.

Take the time to plan how you pack your bath bombs. Typically, these products are wrapped using shrink plastic to let them maintain their freshness. Once they are encased in this container, you must pick a durable packaging solution. Your final decision should depend on the requirements of your customers and the items you are shipping.

Packaging Ideas and Options

Packaging for bath bombs is available in various forms and materials. These include the following:

  • Gift packaging. Packaging for customized bath fizzy bombs can come in a box with decorative ribbons and different colors of paper.
  • Cello bag packaging. This packaging is getting more and more attention.
  • Modern packaging. This includes a lid that has a base box.
  • Fancy cardboard. The majority of retailers prefer this option.
  • Book-shaped boxes. This is a trendy packaging solution for bath bombs.

Sending Bath Bombs to your Customers in Bulk

When shipping bath bombs in bulk use durable boxes and padding materials. They ensure maximum protection and security for your products as they keep them from moving inside the box. Ensure the bath bombs are arranged inside the box in a way that there is a space for the padding materials which can include bubble wraps and packaging peanuts. Also, envelopes can be used for shipping your products, especially when you are sending smaller shipments. Just consider extra padding for more protection.

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