Signs that termites have infested your house

One of the most disturbing things to realize is that termites have infested your house. Whenever they find their way into your home, their signs may be difficult for you to recognise. In fact, you need a professional in the pest control industry, who has the skills and the experience to identify and neutralize the termites, at the earliest signs.

This article seeks to show you the indicators that you would tell you that you are under the termites’ attack


The termite soldiers produce a clicking sound and you could realize this whenever you tap your wall. This sound is to protect the termites’ colony and whenever there is some disturbance, they bang their heads against the wood or the surface and shake their bodies. This serves as a signal to the other termites that there is impending danger. Again, there are worker termites which love eating your wood and if you put your ear close to the wall or the wood surface, you’ll hear the munch.  Termites are known to be very sensitive insects, which would respond to any vibration including music- when you notice such noises, you need to call a pest control professional like Safeguard Pest Control.

The flying termites

There is a type of termites called the swarmers or the ‘flying termite’, which have wings and hence are capable of flight. Both males and females, who have left their colonies, seek to establish a new colony. Unfortunately, your home may be their new colony’s location. Some are fond of flying during the day while others during the night in the presence of light.  When they have found mates, they settle and lose the wings, the male, and the female establishes a nest where they incubate and take care of their young ones until they become mature workers. The dry wood termites are fond of flying during the rainy season and therefore whenever you see them, you must take measures to ensure that it is not around your home where they pitch a tent.

 The white ants

For someone who is not a pest expert, it is easy to mistake white ants for termites.  The two are different with the termites being light in color while the ants look translucent. However, the most important thing is not their difference, whenever you see a sign of any of the two, it’s an indication that you are under a termite attack and you must take measures forthwith.

Hollow sounding timber

Sometimes termites may infest your wooden floor or any floor surface without your knowledge. These would munch the wood until it becomes hollow. You will notice it when you try tapping on the surface only to realize the hollow sound emanating from within. Remember, by the time you notice the wood is hollow; it could mean that you are already under serious termites’ attack.

The average home owner is no termites expert, and therefore, whenever you notice signs that there are termites in or around your house, you must call in the pest control expert like Safeguard Pest Control to help you deal with such once and for all. Click here for a list of services offered by this very reliable company.

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