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Do you have a child that has too much free time? Are you interested in your child learning how to play a new instrument? Does your child show an interest in taking up music?

It is important for you as a parent to consider the numerous benefits of enrolling your kid in a music class. There are numerous benefits that accrue from learning how to play any instrument in children compared to adults. So, if you are hesitant, here are some of the benefits:

  • It is good for the development of motor skills and muscles. Playing an instrument requires the use of the whole body to maintain rhythm. You child will learn how to coordinate different motions at the same time regardless of the instrument they are learning to play. The training the child receives helps in strength development.
  • It increases the IQ of the child. Different experts have found that music lessons increase a child’s IQ. Your child’s brain activity increases when he/she plays music and brain scan technologies have found that some parts of the brain become larger through music!
  • It improves a child’s academic performance. There is enough evidence that links a child’s improving academic skills to playing music. Different measures of academic achievement such as GPA and SAT scores, math skills, and reading comprehension improve when a child is involved in playing music. You child’s power of recall is improved through learning to play an instrument.
  • It helps in development of language skills. Learning how to play an instrument trains your child’s ear to identify different sounds he/she was previously not accustomed to. This training is invaluable in identifying the subtle sounds and nuances of language.
  • It leads to the improvement of social skills. If your child is taught how to play an instrument and play in a group, he/she learns how to work with others. The child learns teamwork, patience, tolerance, and motivating others to achieve a common goal.
  • It teaches discipline. Learning to play an instrument is hard work. Your child does not become an instant music sensation and in reality may spend numerous hours simply trying how to hold that guitar or violin. The hours of patient learning and concentration will instil perseverance in your child.
  • It brings joy and improves self-esteem. Learning how to play a music instrument and produce beautiful music is quite satisfying. The sense of pride that your child feels is invaluable and will help him navigate life with confidence. Music brings joy and is an important coping mechanism for stress as it uplifts moods.

If you thought your child was simply learning how to play an instrument, you were mistaken! You now know the numerous benefits that accrue from investing in private music lessons for your child.

There are many private music schools in the US. Consider enrolling your child for Arizona music lessons if you live in the South. The Noteroom offers private music lessons including voice training and instruments such as violin, guitar, piano, and drums. Help your child accomplish many amazing things.

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