Trees are the one of the most valuable natural resource available to mankind and first component in existence of the human race. They are the only source of oxygen, which helps the species to live. Nearly 30% of land is covered with dense forest and approximately 35% of habitat land is covered with natural trees, herbs and plants. Everybody wants to live in a green zone to have pleasant environment to enjoy the nature. It is therefore everybody plants trees in locale and cities. As humans need food, water and nurturing, so do trees. They need strong roots to handle themselves. Keeping all these factors in mind it becomes evident and obvious to preserve this blessing of nature for a better future and living. BSG is a company that provides Tree Maintenance Service across Singapore to preserve this inheritance of nature.

As human need regular maintenance of body, similarly, trees and plants need pruning at regular intervals for longer life. Pruning is a practice in horticulture that is done with help of scientific instruments to revive and uphold trees and plants. Pruning is done to diagnose and remove any damaged or dead part of the tree. Pruning is a science that is closely related to botany and it helps in open the closed or damaged pores of the tree making it easy to breathe. This is also known as arboriculture.

Pruning has many types and the union of branches is classified in to three types i.e. collared, collarless and codominant. Each type of branch is cut in a definite way to keep it perspiring. Another way to maintain a tree is Deadwooding. Branches if trees can die of multiple reasons, viz deficiency of light, damage in roots due to pests etc, it is necessary to take care of these dead branches as they may also affect the healthy part of the tree. The best way is to remove these decayed or dead parts. This will keep the tree healthy and strong. It needs and expert to figure out the disease and heal it from ailment. Further, more one can do crown and canopy thinning to remove extra leaves and branches to let adequate sunlight reach for needful photosynthesis. Few other methods of pruning are Formative pruning, vista pruning, crown reduction and pollarding. Types of pollarding are thinning, topping, raising and reduction. The time period of servicing a tree depends on its type and family. Some are pruned in winters whereas some have to be taken aboard during spring.

It is advisable and prudent to take Tree Maintenance Services to keep your surroundings clean and green. After all trees are not only the source of oxygen but they also make our surrounding beautiful and serene. This is a natural resource but it needs to be taken care as a kid and nurtured like soul. And above all a sheared tree always gives a better feel than the one like a bush. You can visit tree maintenance services ‌ for any of pruning services and guidance.

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