What Is The Cost Of Assisted Living And Home Care

Cost is one of the main considerations when it comes to choosing between assisted living and home care. Before making decision on the basis of cost, you need to know that there are several more factors that need to be considered before finalizing an option.

Check the number of hours

If forty or fewer hours per week paid home care is needed, then home care proves to be a cost-efficient option as compared to assisted living.

Special care and amenities

In diseases like Alzheimer’s, a patient requires extra care and facilities. Cost of Alzheimer’s and dementia can be approximately $1,000 additional every month. In this scenario, you need to also consider the quality of care and type of services offered by them along with the price.

Geographical condition

Before estimating assisted living costs or projecting home care costs, you need to also consider the geographic location.

Consider tax credits

You should also note that there are deductions and tax credits that might get applied to lower assisted living costs. So, take that also into your calculation when comparing these two options.

Veterans Assistance

In a few cases, the attendance pension and Veteran’s aid could be the source of aid for funding for “assisted living”. All those who qualify for it, are required to have below $80,000 in assets. Veterans programs, whether it is state or federal level programs, will be beneficial. Omaha is the largest city located in the state of Nebraska, USA. This program run by senior care Omaha pays out a significant money per month to aid them cover these expenses.


Medicaid serves as a financial tool for seniors. It is best for those who fulfill income requirements. It helps them to pay for assisted living. These qualifications are different from one state to another. There is a possibility of many seniors to get approved for this program.

Formula to estimate home care cost

You need to approximate the number of hours/months for which you will require your home care facility. You can then multiply that figure by the average home care costs in your state. While you do this, you need to consider whether you stay in the least expensive state or an expensive one like metros.


The decision between an assisted living and home care is not merely an economic decision. It is important to evaluate the different factors before arriving at a decision.

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